Two Alarm Fire

As many of you have already heard, there was a two alarm fire early on Sunday morning, September 21, 2014 at the Satellite Hotel, where Quick Law, LLC’s Colorado Springs office is located.  Consequently, we have vacated the Satellite Hotel.

Some client originals (not all were in the Satellite office at the time of the fire) smell of smoke but none were lost or destroyed.  The firefighters broke the locks and doors of each office during their fire mitigation efforts.  The double glass doors of the A110 suites will still be locked after hours; however, an additional level of protection client originals and confidential information previously had no longer exists at the Satellite Hotel.  There are extensive remediation and remodeling efforts currently taking place at the Satellite Hotel which significantly impacts Quick Law, LLC’s operations and creates hazards for Quick Law, LLC staff and clients.

Client appointments will be re-located outside of the Satellite Hotel.  For clients with existing appointments or upcoming signing meetings, a home visit or appointment at a coffee shop or library, etc. will be arranged at no additional charge.  Clients in northern Colorado or who are not inconvenienced by the trip are welcome to meet at Quick Law, LLC’s office space at 19th and Grant in downtown Denver.

Prospective clients will be charged a $75.00 fee (which can be paid over the phone with any credit card or the appointment may be confirmed once a check or cash is received).  The $75.00 fee for the initial consultation will credited in full to any services engaged at the initial consultation.  If no additional services are engaged, the $75.00 fee covers the cost of the consultation.  A prospective client receives a great deal of legal advice during an initial consultation.  If a prospective client is not home at the time of their appointment, the $75.00 fee covers the ‘no show.’  Also, those in the Denver metro area are subject to a trip charge for home visits because there is an office in their area.

Quick Law, LLC can be contacted at 719-210-4202 or

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Can I just write my own Will and have it reviewed by an attorney?

With the advent of legal forms and computer software for drafting legal documents marketed to the general public, many people are writing their own estate plans in recent years. Estate plans can easily go awry if they do not have just the right language. Thus, many do-it-yourself (DIY) plans actually cause more problems than they solve and in the long-run are more expensive to fix than it would have been to hire an estate planning attorney to put together a comprehensive plan in the first place.

While it certainly is safer to have an attorney review a DIY plan than to go it alone with no professional review, the former course of action still might not save you time, effort or money. Most DIY plans do not have the right language. A typical review costs three or four figures. On top of that, a new document drafted by a law office will be recommended for any DIY documents found to deficient. Because most law offices use estate plans that are copyrighted and often subject to additional contractual restraints, you cannot simply be given the proper language to copy. Even in the rare events where there is statutory language you potentially could copy into your DIY documents by the time you go through an attorney review, you most likely have spent more time, effort and money than if you have contacted an estate planning attorney to prepare your estate plan for you from the beginning.

Quick Law, LLC can be contacted at 719-210-4202 or

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We now have a toll-free phone number

Quick Law, LLC now has a toll-free phone number: 855-935-5930. 

Nevertheless, we may still be contacted at 720-515-2259 in the Denver metro area and at 719-210-4202 in Southern Colorado.

All calls are handled the same regardless of which number you call. Different numbers are for the convenience of those who would have to pay extra for a long distance call.

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Does my lawyer endorse my views?

The ethical rules governing attorneys answers this question.  “A lawyer’s representation of a client, including representation by appointment, does not constitute an endorsement of the client’s political, economic, social or moral views or activities.” (Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2(b))  An attorney may take a case because the client needs representation, not because the attorney agrees with the client’s actions.    

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What is the Difference between a Legal Separation and a Divorce?

In Colorado, the only legal difference is that remarriage is not permitted with a legal separation.  In contrast, after a divorce, or as it is known in Colorado, a dissolution of marriage, the parties can remarry.  Some parties choose a legal separation not just for religious reasons but also because it allows spouses to carry each other on their health insurance, which may be advantageous in certain circumstances.  

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A Basic Fact You Should Know About Protection Orders

The recent murder of a mother of three in Centennial, Colorado has Protection Orders in the news and on people’s minds. This woman had a Protection Order against the man who allegedly killed her. Despite the Protection Order, this man continued to come around and the woman let him into her residence. Her neighbors knew about the Protection Order and described the pair as drinking buddies.
The person against whom the Protection Order is issued is called the restrained person. As such, they are subject to arrest for coming near the victim. The victim faces no legal penalties for being near the restrained person. Nevertheless, as a practical matter, it is safest for the victim to avoid the restrained person.
The police should always be called if the restrained person violates the terms of the Protection Order. Evidentially in this case in Centennial, the neighbors did not call the police and the restrained person had a mental, emotional and/or physical hold over his victim. However, any others who know about the Protection Order and have seen the restrained person near the victim should call the police right away and report the incident. It could save a life.

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Does Quick Law, LLC make house calls?

On a limited basis for non-smoking households who are elderly and/or housebound. There is a minimum advance charge of $75.00 for an initial consultation house call if paid by check, cash or electronic transfer and a $97.00 minimum charge for those paying by credit card.

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